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SPD/SPS Tech - Sterile Processing Technician - Murfreesboro, TN

Murfreesboro, TN · Administrative
TDY will consider a candidate’s compliance with the application instructions to be indicative of the type of conduct that it may expect from the candidate during employment. Therefore, failure to comply with these instructions may be grounds for exclusion from employment consideration.

Please read everything below before applying and only apply if you are fully qualified. Please submit a resume with 3 professional references - please list your skills online in the area provided after you hit the APPLY button.  If you do not submit a resume with professional references, you will not be considered for employment.

TDY does extensive background checks, reference checks and pre-hire/random drug screening as a condition of employment.    You must have computer experience beyond using the internet and email!

 This is not a government job, this is a contract position with the government.

TDY Medical Staffing, Inc. is currently looking for well qualified SPD Techs for the Murfreesboro TN area.n  Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs and push up to 300lb carts.

Working hours to be determined for a total not to exceed 8 hours per day, or 40 hours per week. Daily working hours may be between
Monday-Friday 7:00am-3:30pm (Dayshift) and 2:00PM to 10:30pm (Evening)  with a 30 minute lunch.
Will not be needed to work weekends or holidays.

Please only apply if you fulfill the qualifications listed below AND it shows on your resume:

Assembly and sterilization (Preparation)
Candidate must have prior knowledge and working experience of aseptic techniques, able to recognize
sterilization method and packing material for single instruments, surgical instrument trays, and other
accessories used in the medical center, assembly of surgical instrument trays to include but not limited to
General Surgery, Obstetrics Gynecology, Orthopedic, Ear Nose and Throat, Gastrointestinal,
Cardiovascular, Dental, outpatient clinics and floors. Knowledge and working experience with steam
sterilizers. Attention to detail is also important to perform effectively in this area. Candidate work
conditions include the use of surgical scrubs, long sleeve jackets, head gear and mustache/beard covers and
the use of a cover gown over the scrubs when not in the area.

Case Carts
Candidates may be required to pull/lift case carts and deliver them to areas using case cart system and pick
dirty case carts as well. These carts could weigh up to 50 lbs.

Sterile Processing Service (SPS) (also known as: Sterile Processing and distribution (SPD) Central Medical
Supply (CMS), Central Supply (CS)) technician duties may include, but are not limited to, the following
duties and responsibilities:
· Decontamination of surgical instruments manually and with the use of automated machines.
· Decontamination of equipment and other devices commonly use in wards, clinics, and
outpatient clinics.
· Pick-up soiled reusable medical equipment.
· Reprocessing of flexible scopes
· High Level Disinfection with Cidex OPA
· Appropriate use of personal protective equipment
· Proper use and mixing of detergents and chemicals
· Assembly of trays in accordance with count sheet specifications
· Immediately inform of any discrepancies or changes to the supervisor or lead
· Wrapping or using sterilization containers
· Choose the appropriate sterilization agent for different instrument trays and other items used in
the medical center
· Choose the appropriate wrapping material
· Inspect instruments for debris
· Test instruments to ensure they are in good working condition
· Use of different types of equipment to reprocess medical equipment such as but not limited to:
sterilizers, washers, ultrasonic, Endoscope reprocessing systems, etc

Education: High School graduate or equivalent

Licensure: Certification from IAHCSMM or CBSPD preferred but not required and 1 year of experience.
  • Experience in processing, assembling, trouble-shooting, preparing, sterilizing, storing, and issuing sterile instrumentation and equipment.
  • Possess knowledge of the technical names, general uses, physical characteristics, and operating conditions of instrumentation;
  • Knowledge of decontamination, cleaning, preparation, sterilization, and storage procedures of instrumentation;
  • Knowledge of aseptic techniques pertaining to storage of sterile instrumentation;
  • Skill in operating a Steris washer-disinfector, ultrasonic instrument cleaners, and ETO and Sterrad gas sterilizers and large, hospital grade steam sterilizers.
  • Examples of specialized experience include work as an operating room technician, medical instrument technician, Sterile Processing Technician, corpsman, or Surgical Technologist.
  • Minimum one year of current Central Service Technician/Process Assistant experience
  • Able to read and comprehend  policies, standard operation procedures (SOP), manufacturer instructions, quick reference guides and programs.
  • Knowledge of the Spaulding Classification System sufficient to determine sterilization parameters for RME.
  • Knowledge of microbiology in order to implement infection control policies and techniques, handle cross-infection problems, contaminated waste, and universal precautions concepts.
  • A thorough knowledge of aseptic principles and techniques including characteristics of various types of detergents/enzymatic solutions and cleaning brushes, cleaning techniques, sterilizing mediums, sterilizer operations, tests to determine effectiveness of sterilization, packaging, storing, and shelf-life characteristics to ensure RME is sterilized and stored according to manufacturer specifications for individual RME.
  • Must possess working knowledge of all equipment providing decontamination and sterilization of RME including, but not limited to:time and temperature, steam saturations and pressures.Knowledge and ability to assess sterilization cycles sufficient to troubleshoot and whenever possible, provide changes to ensure sterilization parameters are met.
  • Thorough knowledge of the use, operation, maintenance, assembly, and disassembly of the full range of RME and the specific cleaning, sterilizing, and storing requirements of each to ensure the integrity of RME is not compromised.This includes knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of various types of RME including those used for invasive medical procedures.Knowledge of external and internal components of endoscopic equipment including suction ports, valves, and auxiliary water ports.
  • Knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, familiarity of commonly performed therapeutic, medical and surgical procedures, and the instrumentation utilized during these procedures.Knowledge is used to effectively communicate with operating room (OR) staff, other allied health personnel, to problem solve in the event of RME shortages, and the need to substitute and/or offer alternatives.
  • Ability and skill to document information for records, reports, etc.
  • Be able to demonstrate to SPS management sterilization skills and knowledge within two weeks; contract employee will be evaluated on knowledge and performance, to see if contract employee will be a viable asset to the service and adapt to the SPS environment.

Skills & Abilities: Must possess basic reading, math, and computer skills in order to access instrument tray and picklists. Must be able to distinguish between sterile and non-sterile; assure proper packaging techniques and appropriate sterilization cycles for all items. Must comprehend sterility maintenance, have a complete understanding of the sterilization process, and maintain a surgical conscience.

We do extensive background checks and pre-employment drug screening.
TDY Medical Staffing, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer and takes pride in maintaining a diverse environment.  All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to their race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, national origin, age, sexual orientation, marital or protected veteran status, disability, or any other legally protected status.  If you’d like more information about your EEO rights as an applicant under the law, please click here.

Once you hit the “Apply Now” button, you will be directed to enter into your information into our website general application – There will be several questions asked to ensure our Affirmative Action/EEOC compliance. 

TDY is a federal contractor and as such is required to provide self-identification questions regarding  race/gender/disability/veteran status to all qualified applicants.  We offer all applicants the VOLUNTARY opportunity to respond to the questions. 
You are under no obligation to respond to the questions and not answering the questions will have no impact on the application process or hiring decisions.  Your responses are not seen by the hiring authority and have zero impact on our decision making process.  Submitting this general application is not an offer of employment and does not a guarantee that the application process will proceed. 
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