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SPD/SPS Tech - Sterile Processing Technician - Ft Meade, SD

Fort Meade, SD · Administrative
TDY will consider a candidate’s compliance with the application instructions to be indicative of the type of conduct that it may expect from the candidate during employment. Therefore, failure to comply with these instructions may be grounds for exclusion from employment consideration.

Please read everything below before applying and only apply if you are fully qualified.  Preference given to applicants with previous TWO YEARS SPD experience and be certified CBSPD or IAHCSMM.  Will consider military SPS experience.


Please submit a resume with 3 professional references - please list your skills online in the area provided after you hit the APPLY button.  If you do not submit a resume with professional references, you will not be considered for employment.

TDY does extensive background checks, reference checks and pre-hire/random drug screening as a condition of employment.    You must have computer experience beyond using the internet and email!

 This is not a government job, this is a contract position with the government.

TDY Medical Staffing, Inc. is currently looking for well qualified SPD Techs for the Ft Meade, SD area

Working hours to be determined for a total not to exceed 8 hours per day, or 40 hours per week. Daily working hours available will be days, evenings, or nights with a 30 minute lunch.  Some weekend rotations possible.

Please only apply if you fulfill the qualifications listed below AND it shows on your resume:

A. Decontamination Area
Contracted Sterile Processing Technicians shall:
1. Collect, inspect, decontaminate, and clean soiled Reusable Medical Equipment (RME).
2. Wear proper protective apparel and equipment always.
3. Completely and thoroughly disassemble and position all parts of RME to ensure removal of
4. Manually and mechanically clean RME.
5. Remove bioburden/contamination by soaking, manually wiping or using appropriate scrubbing
brush for added cleaning.
6. Place RME in automatic RME cleaning machines as recommended by the SOP and manufactures
7. Remove instrument stains using appropriate chemicals.
8. Disinfect all critical, semi-critical and non-critical RME.
9. Perform all functions of the decontamination process including but not limited to manual and
mechanical cleaning of surgical, reusable medical equipment, and dental instrumentation.
10. Have the ability to follow Manufacturer’s Instructions/Instructions for Use (IFU) and safely
operate and trouble shoot decontamination equipment including but not limited to: automatic cart
wash, washer disinfector, and ultrasonic cleaners.
11. Visually inspect RME items to ensure cleanliness before sending to SPS preparation area.
12. For flexible endoscopes, perform leak tests; initiate cleaning according to manufacturer's
13. Accomplish the inspection, assembly, packaging and terminal sterilization or High-Level
Disinfection (HLD) of all RME and flexible endoscopes throughout the medical facility and
14. Read, understand and follow all manufacturers’ instructions on cleaning RME.
15. Use department Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and manufacturer's guidelines.
16. Read and understand Material Safety Data Sheets.
17. Perform and document quality assurance checks.

B. Preparation Area:
Contracted Sterile Processing Technicians shall:
1. Perform all functions of the prep/packaging and sterilization process including documentation
and quality assurance procedures.
2. Examine and visually inspect instrumentation and appropriate functioning, and cleanliness.
3. Assemble instrument sets according to count sheets. Place sets in appropriate outer container or
wrap sizes.
4. Inspect assemble, package and document the contents of a wide variety of surgical and dental
trays and instruments according to count sheet.
5. Properly and safely load, operate and trouble shoot a variety of sterilizers including but not
limited to: steam, hydrogen peroxide plasma (VPro,), ETO and automated endoscopic reprocessor
(Medivator). Additionally, perform all quality assurance testing and documentation required for
each sterilizer.
C. High Level Disinfection Area (HLD):
Contracted Sterile Processing Technicians shall:
1. Wear proper protective apparel and equipment at all times.
2. Properly transports all items for HLD process before and after processing.
3. Inspect items for HLD process, and process following all MI for reprocessing.
4. Perform all functions of the HLD process including documentation and quality assurance
5. Properly and safely load and operate the automated endoscope re-processors and other HLD
equipment as needed.
3. Physical Fitness Requirements:
a. Physical Requirements: The work requires standing and walking during the entire workday, and
frequent bending and lifting of supply packages (occasionally weighing as much as 40 pounds).
The contracted employee regularly pushes loaded carts weighing several hundred pounds, in
sometimes crowded quarters and works them over slight rises such as door sills.
b. Work Environment: On a regular and recurring basis, the contracted employee alternates
between a contaminated environment and a carefully controlled clean environment. The
contracted employee wears special clothing, hair covers, beard covers and shoe covers which can
be uncomfortably warm. The contracted employee uses insulated gloves to remove carts from
sterilizers. The contracted employee is subject to burns from accidentally touching hot items.
The hazards of working around minute quantities of sterilizing gasses are unknown. The
contracted employee often works around body fluids, mucus, excretions, and bits of tissue, some
of which may be foul smelling. The work area is noisy due to the clatter of metal instruments,
rumbling of carts, and operation of pre-sterilizing equipment. Use of ultrasonic equipment may
require use of ear protectors.
c. All employees shall be literate and able to communicate (speak) with clients in English to the
extent of reading and understanding printed regulations, detailed written orders, training
instructions and material, and shall be able to compose reports which convey complete

Education: High School graduate or equivalent

Licensure: Certification from IAHCSMM or CBSPD  required and 2 years of experience.

Skills & Abilities: Must possess basic reading, math, and computer skills in order to access instrument tray and picklists. Must be able to distinguish between sterile and non-sterile; assure proper packaging techniques and appropriate sterilization cycles for all items. Must comprehend sterility maintenance, have a complete understanding of the sterilization process, and maintain a surgical conscience.

We do extensive background checks and pre-employment drug screening.
TDY Medical Staffing, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer and takes pride in maintaining a diverse environment.  All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to their race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, national origin, age, sexual orientation, marital or protected veteran status, disability, or any other legally protected status.  If you’d like more information about your EEO rights as an applicant under the law, please click here.

Once you hit the “Apply Now” button, you will be directed to enter into your information into our website general application – There will be several questions asked to ensure our Affirmative Action/EEOC compliance. 

TDY is a federal contractor and as such is required to provide self-identification questions regarding  race/gender/disability/veteran status to all qualified applicants.  We offer all applicants the VOLUNTARY opportunity to respond to the questions. 
You are under no obligation to respond to the questions and not answering the questions will have no impact on the application process or hiring decisions.  Your responses are not seen by the hiring authority and have zero impact on our decision making process.  Submitting this general application is not an offer of employment and does not a guarantee that the application process will proceed. 
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